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“I SEE”  approach (Integrated Sports Edutainment Extension)  was crafted and implemented by YOMHI-Uganda to mobilize, ignite discussion and reach communities with health education and services through sports and edutainment for health. Performance including community members and young Mothers are held, Small-Group discussions with key messages before, during the break and after the performances are conducted on Gender-based violence, Nutrition, Myths and misconceptions about Health challenges, Parenting, Child rights, etc.

Sports and Edutainment help Young Mothers fight off the effect of stress, stigma and ignite sharing toward healthier bodies for healthier minds. Fighting Non-Communicable Disease and transforming lifestyles requires a supportive environment from the community through engagement to avert cultural restrictions. YOMHI-Uganda identifies talents for promotion and growth into viable and sustainable skills. It employs such skills to promote health and development interventions in the target communities.

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